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!'s Journal
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Date:2005-01-08 00:03

matt: "shelley, you have an awkward problem."

hours later...

my fortune is "be direct, usually one can accomplish more that way."

matt: "shelley, that's a good one for you since you really do have an awkward problem." :pause: "that's not a nice thing to say. i have an asshole problem."

i'm going to miss him. i really do think we would be amusing subjects for a reality show (although i'm not sure i'd want everyone to know that we spent so much time discussing chyna's dicklet). oh and matt, when i told you i finally found my clicker, i meant to also say that i had been using it as a bookmark (IN A BOOK) and THAT'S why i had such a hard time finding it. kind of like how i struggled to find my jacket and after ten minutes of frantic searching i realized it was hanging up in the closet.

elena, i hope you have an awesome first day of class! make this semester an upgrade.

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Date:2003-10-09 00:19

eric, there's no way you could understand how much i miss you and all the awesome times we used to have. you always make me feel good about myself and have the ability to cheer me up no matter how determined i am to be sad. i'll always treasure those times in trig when you would punch me on the shoulder and say "shelley, you're the man". and who could forget the first time you came over to my house? we sat on my driveway, ate pizza with zack and the brians, and you burped in my face.

you made me feel so special when you would slam me into the lockers in the hallway. even when you farted on me while we were on the bus going to school, i knew that was just your way of showing how much you care. i know you're only friends with me because you think my mom is hot and she makes you food, but i can't imagine not having you in my life.

your support and encouragement mean so much to me. i love hearing about the things that happen in your life and i hope that doesn't change just because i'm not in hillcrest farms anymore. i hope someday you understand how awesome you really are and how much you deserve. you're like family to me and that means you can never get rid of me.

basically, you are the ILL NANA. happy 17th, i love you.

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Date:2003-07-08 23:29
Subject:just in time


i would write something deep and meaningful here, but the only thing that needs to be said is that i love you so much. so much, i don't think you understand. we talk about chocha, we play in parks, we live at the mall and walmart, we play the boyfriend game (whoa, remember when you, me, and elena played mystery date?), we go to bill's flea market, you put up with my overactive bladder, my bossiness, and my non-driving ass. you make me laugh even when i'm crying because a boy "forgot" about our movie date. anything and everything can be fun when we're together (haha bill's flea market, driving on the highway, playing nancy drew at the cavalier). you have taught me so much (the minogues are god, how to be soft-core porn, love the gay pimp) and you're in the process of teaching me even more (how to drop it like it's hot). if it weren't for you, i probably would never dance in public. now i dance in cars, in stores, in the park. we can hang out at #1 china food for over an hour and not be bored. here's where i get so excited about being your friend that i have to type in all caps:

you think matt damon is hot, but i guess everyone has their flaws.

i met you in english, bell 4B, mrs. rosen, freshman year. elena was in that class too, and she's part of most of these things too. when the three of us are together, there's this feeling of power like we could just kick the ass of anyone and everyone. like last night, when you guys found toy guns in walmart and shot me when i was coming up the aisle. or the time you and i beat the shit out of each other with the hulk hands. OR the time we destroyed everything with the TSUNAMI BLASTERS. we are fierce, but you are the fiercest of us all. i have nothing but great memories of you, and i know bigger, better things are coming (gayfest 2k3, NYC).

no matter what bob thinks of your future plan, you are my superstar.

us against the world

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Date:2003-06-02 16:17
Subject:all i did today was write haikus

2nd bell:

this class sucks my ass
f. marketing, i hate it
only for new york

(this class=fashion marketing)

china food is love
vegetable lo mein, so good
heaven in cardboard

eric farts too much
his feet smell, but i love him
he is my brother

chic tippi hedren
green suit, pink nails, pouty lips
good job, edith head

(watching the birds in visual language)

and one eric just wrote for me:

my best friend in the whole world
always there for me

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